VR Support

We are pleased to announce that we have tested Passenger2 using third-party VR tools.

As Passenger2 is a standalone application, it does not natively support VR however, we can confirm Passenger2 will work in VR with the help of third-party tools. We have tested Passenger2 in VR using SteamVR Overlay, OVR Toolkit and WMR.

4 Responses

  1. The issue I have with Self Loading Cargo is once you are in VR and click with mouse out of MSFS to SLC app to interact with the menu is it locks up for some reason everyone during the action and has to be reloaded. I hoping Passneger2 doesn’t have that issue. If you need to ask me any additional questions let me know

  2. Will you be adding the 737-600? Its currently not an option. Thank you and great add on! Worth every penny!

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