Virtual Airline Partnership

Virtual airline partnership is a big part of Passenger2 and what makes us stand you. Partner with us and get your virtual airline included in the Passenger2 application. Here’s what you can expect:

Your Airline Preloaded

We will preload your airline into our application making it selectable in the “create an airline” screen. When your airline is selected, Passenger2 will make your virtual airline the company for the user. If your airline has subsidiaries, we will include these too allowing the user to choose which subsidiary of your virtual airline they will fly.

Your Branding

We will brand relevant screens with your logo.

Custom Announcements

We will make a custom sound pack for your airline making all the onboard announcements branded with your airline. Example: “Welcome aboard this [virtual airline name] flight.”

Passenger2 Website

We will list you as a partner on our website and direct link to your website.


We only have one requirement and that is that your airline must be unique. We do accept airlines with real world names example: American Airlines Virtual. This is due to copyright laws. We cannot use any real world logos or look to be associated with real world airlines.

In return for including your airline within Passenger2, we will require you to list Passenger2 as a partner on your virtual airline’s website. This should be done by displaying our logo with a direct link back to our website. We also ask you announce your new partnership with us. This can be a latest news article, mentioned in a newsletter or a notice sent to your pilots.


We are happy to answer any questions or discuss any special requirements. Please email

If you are ready to be partner, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.