New Live Pricing Feature

Check out our new game-changing feature, Live Pricing! 

Passenger2 has reached a new milestone with the release of version This version brings a new feature to the addon called Live Pricing. Before this feature, users set a fixed price for ticket sales, but with Live Pricing, more realism is felt, and excitement is built. Live Pricing gives users a 45-second ‘booking window’. During this time, ticket prices can be continuously adjusted while passengers buy tickets. The cheaper the prices, the more seats will sell, but the lower the airline income. The higher the prices, the fewer seats will sell; however, revenue will be higher.

“This new feature will require some strategy,” said Lead Developer Scott Thompson. “Live Pricing is a new feature of its kind and takes Passenger2 to a new level.”

Passenger2 is one of the most updated addons, with more unique features on the way, such as aircraft upgrades, leasing, and maintenance.

Version release notes

  • NEW FEATURE Live Pricing (see below)
  • UPDATED Passenger2Bridge to V3 (see below)
  • UPDATED Passenger2Bridge now opens when you open Passenger2 and closes when you exit Passenger2. This stops multiple bridges from opening, causing data conflicts
  • UPDATED passenger satisfaction algorithm to increase satisfaction more on long-haul flights
  • FIXED some audio not playing from some sound packs
  • FIXED a rare error of first-class passengers not being set
  • FIXED unit price of cologne being too high on higher quality catering contracts

Live pricing is a new feature that allows you more control over your ticket prices in career mode. You are given a ticket ‘booking window’ of 45 seconds. This ‘booking window’ is the amount of time you have to sell tickets. When the ‘booking window’ is open, you can change your ticket prices as much as you want to fill your seats and earn the most money. The cheaper the prices, the more sales you will get, but the lower your income. The higher the prices, the fewer seats will sell. However, your income will be higher. How will you manage your pricing?

The Passenger2Bridge manages the connection with FSUIPC and sends data to Passenger2. Version 3 comes with significant improvements, such as self-closing when Passenger2 closes. Airports below sea level (such as EHAM) will be read with accurate data, including better landing detection. There are also many under-the-bonnet improvements to improve data accuracy and foundations for future features, such as the return of live route maps.

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