Passenger2 Beta

Passenger2 beta branch users will get updates more regularly but may experience bugs as some features are being tested. We urge beta branch users to provide feedback to help us improve. Please report bugs or seek support in the normal form of a support ticket.

Passenger2 Beta End Of Flight Survey

Thank you for being part of the beta branch. Please complete the survey below at the end of your flight to help us improve.

We cannot provide support from this survey. Please open a support ticket if you require support.

Passenger2 Beta Version B1.2x

Known Issues:
Unable to switch between subsidiaries. 


By using Passenger2 Beta you will receive updates more regularly and have early access to new features. We rely on your feedback to help us stabilise these features and roll them out for everyone. Please provide us with feedback at the end of your flight.

This version of beta uses a new system for aircraft management. When you opt into beta, your current fleet will be transferred to the new system. You will not be able to transfer your fleet back to the stable version. We suggest you back up the folder called “Passenger_2” located in “C:\Users\[YOUR-NAME]\AppData\Local\” in case you wish to return to your current state in the stable version.

Please note the “turn around” and “transit flight” options are temporarily disabled in beta due to conflict within the systems.

If you switch back to the stable branch, you will lose all aircraft you purchased or leased in the beta version along with any money used to purchase/lease. This is because beta uses a new system for managing aircraft. You will not lose any flying hours or company reputation. However, you will lose this data if you override “” when restoring your backup.  Please see the “How do I restore my backup?” question before for information on restoring. If you would like assistance, please contact us.

Revert to the previous state (lose all progression with beta since B1.2x) (METHOD 1)
If you wish to return to your previous state, simply delete the folder called “Passenger_2” located in “C:\Users\[YOUR-NAME]\AppData\Local\” and replace it with your backup folder. This method will remove all changes and progression made in the beta version, including flying hours and company reputation.

Keep flying hours (METHOD 2)
If you wish to keep your flying hours gained while using beta, override all files with the extension “.data” except “”. This will return only your company values to the previous state.

Keep flying hours and progressions (METHOD 3)
If you wish to keep your flying hours and company progression, just simply switch from beta to stable on the settings page within Passenger2. This will reset your aircraft only. If you wish to switch back to beta, delete the file named “company.P2” located in “C:\Users\[YOUR-NAME]\AppData\Local\Passenger_2”. This will prompt the transfer message to appear and restart the aircraft system transfer.

Passenger2 has already progressed through major development since its first release. To further improve the add-on, we need to simplify and advance methods on how data is managed internally.

Currently in Beta

We are currently working on a new aircraft hangar. The new area allows more options for buying aircraft, such as leasing and buying used. You can also assign an aircraft registration and set a first-class cabin size to each aircraft, replacing the first-class cabin slider when creating a new flight.

You can upgrade your aircraft with IFE, better seats, seat power and wi-fi. Each upgrade makes your passengers more satisfied during the flight.

Maintenance has also been introduced. You will need to stay on top of your aircraft maintenance. The aircraft’s state of repair will decrease naturally with each hour the aircraft is flown, and it is instantly affected by your landing rate.

We are also testing a new menu to improve ease of navigation.

Accessing the Hangar

To access the new hangar, navigate to your company portal and click the “hangar” button under fleet.

Managing Aircraft

All transferred aircraft from the stable version will automatically have a state of repair of 100%, 0 flown hours, no upgrades and 0 first-class seats. Registrations are also automatically assigned as “AIR(1-100)” in numerical order.

The manage aircraft screen will show you an overview of your aircraft, including upgrades applied and state of repair.

You can select an aircraft to manage by clicking on it. You will then be presented with an overview of the aircraft’s properties. These are the number of pilots, number of crew, maximum passenger capacity and maximum fright. In addition, you can see the state of repair, applied upgrades, the size of the economy and first-class cabins.

Option Buttons

Repair Aircraft

Repair your aircraft to a chosen state of %. The cost of repair per % is dependent on the aircraft size. The button is disabled when the state of repair is 100%.

Upgrade Aircraft

Upgrade your aircraft with an IFE system, better seats, seat power and wi-fi. Each upgrade will be reflected in your customer satisfaction during a flight. Upgrades cannot be removed, and cost varies on aircraft size. The button is disabled when all upgrades are applied.

Configure Cabin

You can configure the amount of first-class seats on each aircraft. This is free to adjust, and the economy cabin will automatically configure based on the amount of first-class seats selected. NOTE: the first-class cabin slider is no longer applicable in career mode due to this configurator.

Sell Aircraft

Sell your aircraft for the value shown. Value is determined by the flown hours, state of repair and applied upgrades.

Next Aircraft

Manage the next aircraft in your fleet.

Previous Aircraft

Manage the previous aircraft in your fleet.

If your aircraft is leased you will have additional option buttons.

Buy Aircraft

Buy the aircraft at the current purchase value. The value is determined by the flown hours, state of repair and applied upgrades. The button is disabled if you do not have enough money.

Extend Lease

Extend the current term of the lease. The lease cost will remain at the current price.

Cancel Lease

Cancel the lease for 50% of the remaining lease cost. Cancelling the lease will remove the aircraft from your fleet. The button is disabled if you do not have enough money to cancel the lease.

Purchasing Aircraft

You can purchase an aircraft by either buying a new or used one. New aircraft will be in 100% state of repair and have 0 flown hours. You can also upgrade them at the time of purchase. Used aircraft will need some repairing, and upgrades are pre-set. Used offers change daily, and not every aircraft will have a used offer every day. You can only purchase 1 of each offer per day.

Leasing Aircraft

You can lease an aircraft for the lead price displayed. When you configure the aircraft and contract, you will notice the longer the term you select, the more discount you will receive on the lease price. You can also choose aircraft upgrades, which will increase the lease price. You can view how long is left on the lease and extend or cancel the lease from the manage aircraft screen. After your lease is finished, the aircraft will automatically be removed from your fleet.

Navigation Menu

The hangar area also includes a preview of our new navigation menu. The new menu has been designed to improve the ease of navigating Passenger2. The new menu will always show the following three buttons: Dashboard (currently pilot portal), settings and quit to desktop.