Version 2 Announcement

Today, we officially want to announce Passenger2 version 2. You might have seen this mentioned a few times, but don’t worry you don’t need to rebuy or do anything. The upcoming update is a major overhaul of Passenger2, and we think it deserves its own version number.

If you are already using the beta version, you will be familiar with some of the new features coming, including the new hangar area where you can lease and purchase new aircraft. There are also new statistics, a new banking system, and a new, more realistic approach to catering. The interface has been completely redesigned, and extra features, such as the ability to change the airline name and logo, have also been added.

We are nearing completion of a full rework of the flight monitor. We have completely remade the user interface, including new seat map graphics. We have listened to your feedback and can’t wait to release this.

New features include:

  • New flight setup interface, including the ability to fly still if an airport is missing from our database
  • Cargo adjusts with passengers for weight and balance (however, you should still always use flight plan software)
  • 4 configurable cabin classes (First Class, Business, Premium and Economy)
  • Individual customers with needs (thirst, hunger, entertainment, bladder, frustration, anxiety)
  • Clickable seats
  • Quick catering load adjusting (adjust catering stock at the gate before boarding)
  • Live catering stock
  • New announcements (delay, point of interest)
  • Location maps powered by OpenMaps (not X-plane)
  • Passenger reactions (can be turned off)
  • Live notifications of passenger comments
  • Crash detection (you will have to pay compensation to injured passengers)
  • Turbulence detection
  • Steep climb/descent detection
  • New graphics, including crew, passengers and seats
  • Individual services (bar, meal, duty-free, trash)
  • Free service to individual seats (to make them happier)
  • Passengers use the toilet

New settings include:

  • Window on top (no need for PowerToys anymore!)
  • Turn on/off specific announcements
  • Turn off welfare calls
  • Door terminology (armed/automatic)
  • Window scale

No seat maps have been released in the last few weeks, and the reason is that we have completely changed how they work. It will now be a lot faster for us to add seat maps, and we aim to have at least 14 new seat maps for this release; however, this will depend on progress.

We plan to release this update to beta users next month and make it stable a few weeks later, assuming no significant issues are found.

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