Passenger2 will be the most advanced passenger application for Flight Simulator.

A new product, Passenger2, for Flight Simulator has been announced today. Passenger2 promises to be the most advanced passenger application regarding features, complexity and realism. Using FSUIPC, Passenger2 will be cross-compatible with the most popular flight simulators, MSFS 2020, P3D, X-Plane and FSX.

“It’s exhilarating to announce the development of Passenger2,” said Lead Developer Scott Thompson. “Having entered advanced development stages, we are ready to excite the Flight Simulator community with advanced passenger realism.”

Passenger2 is expected to launch in Q4, 2023 and will be competitively priced. 


Flying with Passenger2 can be as real or unreal as the user chooses. Career mode allows an airline to be built and managed, while Just Fly allows a more casual flight.


Not only is the captain rated on the flight performance, but also on the customer service level. Passengers will rate their flight based on many factors, such as price and in-flight service.


Crew announcements from the real world have been thoroughly researched, and Passenger2 will provide the user with more realistic announcements than the Flight Simulator community has seen before. Plus, a Flight Simulator first, cabin announcements will be multilingual!


Another Flight Simulator first, Passenger2, can play safety videos in addition to audio safety announcements.

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