Ground Handling

A quick insight into ground handling within Passenger2.

Within career mode, you will need to select a ground-handling agent. There are 6 to choose from, all with different quality ratings. The higher the rating, the better the agent but, the higher the cost.

Lower-quality agents might cause you some problems. They will make more mistakes which could result in fines issued by the airport. Your income may also be affected as they tend to let excess baggage charges slide. Customer satisfaction will also be at risk as there is more chance of damaged, lost or delayed baggage.

Each agent charges for landside, airside and cargo services. There are also signing and cancellation fees. Each contact has a minimum term, and your airline will need a high airline rating to access the best agents.

Landside charges are per passenger and cover ticketing, security, baggage, etc. Airside fees are charged per flight and cover equipment rental such as GPU, Stairs etc. Cargo fees are charged per KG (yes, there will be the option for LBs) of cargo loaded.

Ground handling

The information in this article was posted during the development phase and should not be used to interpret the current release.

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