Passenger2 Beta 1.2.1.x

Passenger2 Beta 1.2.1.x is now available to beta branch users. The update includes major updates to the UI, systems, and features.

Company Selection Menu

The new company selection menu allows the creation of up to 4 separate airlines, replacing subsidiaries.


The new Dashboard replaces the pilot portal. It provides an overview of your pilot profile and airline. New statistics, such as the total number of passengers carried, are also included.

Flight Logs

Easily open your flight logs from the Passenger2 app! No more navigating to My Documents!


Achievements now have their own area! This makes it easier and clearer to see what you have achieved and what is required to achieve more.


The new Headquarters replaces the Company Portal. This is where you will manage contracts, HR and marketing.

New statistics include CSAT (average customer satisfaction of all time), passengers carried, and airline value.

The most requested features are also included in this area – change your airline name and logo.

Hubs are also introduced, another feature highly requested.


The catering system has been completely overhauled. Each supplier now comes with their own menu.

Products can be configured to cabin service, cabin pricing and quantity loaded.

If you load too much of a product, you are charged a wastage fee per excess product.

Contracts now end after the contract expires unless extended.

Ground Handling

Ground handling has been tweaked to give new statistics such as total charges.


Marketing has been refreshed to allow more customization. You can now select the exact duration you wish, up to 100 flights.

Try out beta by switching in the settings menu.

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