Aircraft and Catering Mananger

Passenger2, the most advanced passenger application for Flight Simulator, reveals the first screenshots showing the Aircraft and Catering Manager.

The first look at Passenger2 reveals the Aircraft and Catering Manager, both of which will be available in Career mode. Career mode will allow the user to create and manage their airline. Creating an airline will have the option to enable subsidiaries, allowing users to create a leading airline with sub-airlines under the same ownership. Virtual Airline integration is also in the works, with more details to follow. A free flight option will also be available for users who want something other than a career within Passenger2.

“Releasing the first screenshots is a critical stage in the development of Passenger2,” said Lead Developer Scott Thompson. “The high support and comments from the community have been overwhelming, and knowing more details and screenshots has been highly anticipated.”

Passenger2 is expected to launch in Q4, 2023 and will be compatible with MSFS 2020, P3d, X-Plane and FSX. Using FSUIPC, Passenger2 will be a standalone application supporting PC users only.

Aircraft Manager
The aircraft manager allows users to select and buy from a catalogue of aircraft. A maximum passenger and freight load defines each aircraft. Money will be earned from carrying passengers and cargo. Aircraft can be sold for half the purchase value.

Aircraft Manager

Catering Manager – Contracts
The catering manager is an essential factor in career mode. With six catering companies to sign a contract with, a strategy will come into play to get the best prices for stock whilst not compromising on quality. Each contract has a minimum term, required airline rating and a signing fee. Contracts can be changed and broken early, subject to a high cancellation fee.

Catering Manager

Catering Manager – Menu
When a contract is signed, the user can select from a range of products to add to their airline menu. The menu options are in sections – drinks, food and duty free.

Catering Manager
Catering Manager

Catering Manager – Adding To Your Menu
Products can be added to the menu by clicking on the desired product. They can be removed at any time.

Catering Manager

Catering Manager – Product Details
Stock needs to be purchased with the price per unit defined by your catering contract. Discounts are offered for bulk buys, and the selling price can also be set. Empty stock or high prices will result in negative passenger scores, which will affect the airline’s reputation.

Catering Manager

Catering Manager – Product On Menu
A product will show as being added to the menu with a green tick in the catalogue.

Catering Manager

The information in this article was posted during the development phase and should not be used to interpret the current release.

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