Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When creating your flight within Passenger2, you can directly import your data from Simbrief.

Passenger2 works using VR tools such as Steam VR Overlay, OVR Toolkit and WMR.

Passenger2 uses FSUIPC, which supports networking using WideFS7. We have not tested this and offer no support for this method. We do plan to support networking within the Passenger2 application soon!

At the moment, no. All aircraft will be purchased from new; however, we will add a used aircraft market later.

Yes. Our aircraft catalogue features general aviation, light aircraft and airliners.

When creating a company, you can choose how much money (investment) you want to start with. You can select a sandbox amount right down to starting with nothing, forcing you to start with a bank loan.

Yes you can! You can set how often random events happen or disable them completely. 

No. Career mode is entirely optional. You can choose to fly with no restrictions.

At the moment, no; however, we are considering adding this. All seat maps have been handmade to real-life layouts. When creating a flight, you can select how much of the cabin you want filled with first-class seats. The seat map will adjust the configuration accordingly.

No. Due to legal copyright reasons, we cannot provide you with any files that use real-world airline audio. You will need to source these yourself. Our sound packs feature airline branding using our voices; however, it is essential to note that we are not affiliated, partnered or endorsed by any airlines we feature.

We currently have no plans to bring Passenger2 to Xbox. This is due to the standalone nature of the add-on.

Passenger2 will detect each phase of the flight from pushback to arrival. During boarding, you can set the boarding time in minutes however, you can speed up or slow down boarding at any time to help sync this stage with GSX.

Yes. Passenger2 will not interfere with any other add-on. It is fully independent and therefore will work with any other add-on.

You will be able to download Passenger2 from our website on release day. The username and password you created will be required to activate the add-on. You will have received an email after your order confirmation with instructions on setting up your password. Remember to check your spam folder if your missing it.

As Passenger2 is already discounted there are no further discounts being offered.