Creating A Flight In Career Mode

Development update explaining how to set up a flight in career mode.

Watch the development update to learn how new flights will be set up in Passenger2 including first-class splits, transit flights and pricing.

The information in this article was posted during the development phase and should not be used to interpret the current release.

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  1. Hello,
    I would like to know if it is contemplated in the development of Passaenger2 to have “Landing Rate” data.
    Thank you very much and congratulations for such an extraordinary development.

      1. Thank you very much SCOTT,
        It’s great news. Well, everything will be able to be done through Passenger2.
        Thank you for the Extraordinary Development, as well as for the intuitive and easy interface that we see in the videos. Please make it easy to buy or rent an airplane type Boeing 737x / Airbus 320 Familia….. he he he
        We are looking forward to the launch of Passanger2
        Greetings and a Strong Hug.

    1. Not at the present time. You will create a flight on a flight-by-flight basis. Any aircraft in your fleet will have bonuses calculated based on the flight you completed. We will be looking at schedules in a future update.

      1. Thanks for the reply!. Much appreciated. Sounds great! Passenger2 looks really nice. I like what I see. Will definitely consider purchasing soon!

        Thanks again!

    1. You can accelerate the time in the flight simulator however, Passenger2 will continue at a normal speed meaning no animations will be fast and the in-flight service will remain at the same pace. Your flying hours will still count in real time. The in-game clock (for arrival time) will keep track of the faster time however.

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