Aircraft Manager Q&A

There have been many questions surrounding the Aircraft Manager system.
Will you be able to lease or lease your aircraft to other airlines?
The aircraft manager will be a simple buy-and-sell system. The option of leasing or selling for lease will not be introduced at the present time as we do not want to make the system so in-depth and complex that you spend more time managing your airline and less time flying as, Flight Simulator is all about flying.
Which aircraft are included in Passenger2?
We have over 115 aircraft, which is growing as development goes on. If you want to, you can fly an aircraft not in the catalogue. It does not matter which aircraft you fly on Flight Simulator against the aircraft you own within Passenger2.
For example, if your airline owns the A321, but you do not have an A321 in Flight Simulator, this does not matter. Passenger2 will not check what you are flying. This allows flexibility, as we understand not everyone has aircraft add-ons. What will happen at the end of the flight is Passenger2 will use the A321 config data to create the flight report and calculate the finances. For example, you have flown the A320 with a full load of 180 passengers. Passenger2 will calculate using an A321 full load of 220 passengers.
Can you buy general aviation aircraft?
Yes, we will include this.
How much money does your airline start with?
When you create your airline, you will select how much the initial investment will be. How much you invest will determine if your career is easy or hard.
What if I run out of money or cannot afford to buy the aircraft I need?
If you find yourself low on money, you can take a loan.

The information in this article was posted during the development phase and should not be used to interpret the current release.

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  1. Will Passenger2 change overall flight dynamics in terms of the way the airplane behaves as a result of the weight added to the aircraft by the passengers and cargo or will it have no effect? For example the weight from passenger and cargo causing the plane to lose altitude or stall if you cut throttle and not to just glide through the air as it does now if you cut throttle now while landing.

    1. For the time being Passenger2 will not interfere with your aircraft controls. In the future we may add this in for better emergency situations but this will take a lot of time due to the cross compatibly requirements.

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